221 Thompson Street,
Kingman, AB T0B 2M0

Parent Overview

At CCA we seek to promote a school culture of acceptance, edification, respect and support for one another. No one is excluded from attending Cornerstone, for financial reasons or otherwise, provided that families agree to abide by school policies.

  • CCA students and staff will develop appropriate, meaningful relationships with one another
  • Student participation and interaction is actively supported and valued
  • Teachers will counsel students when called for and provide extra academic help as needed
  • Students will grow in friendships with one another and will be challenged to develop strong interpersonal communication and positive conflict resolution skills
  • Student success will be acknowledged and celebrated
  • Students will speak and behave in a respectful manner that supports Christian values
  • Parents, staff and students will pray regularly for one another and for the needs of the school.

Families and community play a critical role in the growth and development of our CCA students, and communication is vital to ensuring student success. Parent and family involvement with school activities and events is strongly supported and encouraged.